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Cold Blue Music

The Light That Fills the World

The Farthest Place

The Immeasurable Space of Tones

Top 10 Recordings of 2002 - New Sounds, WNYC
100 Musical Biases 2002 - L.A. Weekly
"The world of John Luther Adams is more than a translation of some majestic landscape - it is the search for colors, for nuances...”

– Stefan Tiron, Alternativ:
"... long, sustained harmonies with puffs of arctic winds blowing the sound one way or another... as much snow-strewn color as sound (but pleasurable in either guise)... beautifully played..."

–  Alan Rich, L.A. Weekly
"The icy cover gives some indication of the shimmering crystal music inside. How six musicians make such a dense, hovering, magical sound is beyond me. Slowly change happens, textures appear and reappear, an endlessly fascinating, almost static, audio display. This is careful, mesmerizing music... a mournful, funereal space walk."

– Tangents
"...simply beautiful... Adams' music sounds like it has nothing to accomplish. It simply exists, hanging in mid-air, waiting to be listened to."

– The All Music Guide
"These pieces are as inscrutable as a fifteenth-century mass by Ockeghem, but more colorful, and just as noble-sounding."

–  Kyle Gann, Chamber Music Magazine
"Brilliant, crystalline waves of sound... Adams' music is never less than spellbinding."

– Sequenza 21
"... amazingly beautiful, peaceful, and reflective..."

– Chamber Music Magazine
"... the pieces evolve slowly and are almost indiscernible, quietly working their way into a listener's mind, spreading calm..."

– Sonomu


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